Druva ice-cream comes from Druva. It is a village just next to Saldus, a picturesque and green town in the Western Latvian region of Kurzeme. Druva’s green and rich meadows provide with food cows that have an attitude. And it is from Druva farms that we get fresh milk, of which we make the delicious Druva ice-cream.

The story of DRUVA FOOD began more than 26 years ago, at the times of Druva collective farm, and we have gone through the same changes as any other business in Druva, Saldus and Latvia. Yet, whatever the times, our ice-cream has been always made of natural milk given by our own Druva cows. Today we make our new Druva Premium ice-cream not only from the best milk, but also from butter. 

Druva ice-cream is produced using recipes kept in strict confidence. Only some of our experts know the recipe of the delicious Chicory ice-cream, which nobody has managed to solve so far.
 However being committed to traditions and favourable ice-cream flavours, we pioneer new ice-cream flavours and always welcome the proposals of ice-cream lovers. 

Druva ice-cream is filled in tasty, fresh and crispy wafer cups, which we produce in our own bakery. All the best ingredients a Druva ice-cream contains come from its home village, Druva! You can be sure: Druva ice-cream is a premium delicacy made of the top-quality ingredients, including the best milk and butter. There is a Druva ice-cream house in Saldus (Striķu Street 7), where you can taste mouth-watering Druva ice-cream and cocktails of the most diverse flavours.

DRUVA FOOD is a company built on family values, which employs a staff of 50. We are proud of what we are doing. Here, in Druva, where even cows have an attitude, only the very best is produced!